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Delivery is £3.90 flat rate.
Free for orders over £95.

UK Orders

We have looked at how we charge for shipping to make it as fair as possible. Orders under £95.00 are charged at £3.90. Orders over £95.00 are sent free. Please note for accuracy and fast despatch of orders we use a fulfilment center.

Why use a fulfilment center?

There are several reasons – better stock control, more accurate order picking and sending and faster despatch.

How does a fulfilment center work?

There is an order fee/a part number fee and a pick and pack fee. Then the postage cost is on top of that. The minimum we pay for any order is £3.90 inc VAT so this is what we charge as our flat rate postage fee. This is the reason why postage seems high on small items such as a G.BUD spare parts or similar.

Export Orders

Now that the UK has left the EU all export orders will be automatically rated for zero VAT. Once the goods have entered your own country you will likely be charged import tax and duty based on that country’s laws. If you have a valid VAT/EORI equivalent tax number for your country you would then claim that import tax back in your tax return (as if you had imported goods from say the USA or Japan).

For example if you are buying from France, you will not pay any tax on your order to us. Once the goods enter your country the courier will then ask you for the 20% TVA as well as a processing charge (the processing charge varies but as an approximate figure will be between 30-50 Euros).

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