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G.NOSE Pink Surfboard Nose Guard


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G.NOSE Surfboard nose guard with a flexible tip to protect you and other surfers and swimmers from board injuries and also to protect against dings. The G.NOSE is designed to fit high performance short boards and is easy to apply.


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G-NOSE Surfboard Nose guard
For high performance
pointy surfboard noses

Our surfboard nose guards are simple to apply

  1. Clean all wax & dirt from surfboard nose.
  2. Sand surfboard nose lightly all over with sandpaper supplied.
  3. Open alcohol pad & wipe surfboard nose all over to remove dust.
  4. Apply bead of glue around inside edge of G.NOSE.
  5. Squeeze G.NOSE & slide onto surfboard nose.
  6. Line up stringer with MARKER under G.NOSE logo & press down firmly.

How the G.NOSE surfboard nose guard originated
It happened so fast. I  fell off my board near the end of a wave and as I hit the water my board hit me near the eye. The injury split the skin behind the eye but could have been so much worse… It made me realise how it could happen anytime and I was taking my safety and others for granted. So we began developing our own surfboard nose guard to protect us and other surfers from injury. Read more here in our R&D section.

Surfing injuries are most common from fins or the pointy nose of the modern performance shortboard. The mechanism of injury most frequently responsible is the impact with the sharp nose of the surfboard following a fall. Read more here.


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