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What are waterproof changing robes?

What are waterproof changing robes?

Wearable spaces giving you privacy and freedom of movement as you change out of a wetsuit or swimsuit into something clean and dry. Many of them have outer shells made of waterproof and windproof fabrics. The inner lining is designed to be quick drying, soft and comfortable. 

A changing robe is a cloak worn over your clothing. They often look like an oversized coat and can come in a variety of fabrics and styles. The armholes are usually quite large, making it easy to bring your arms inside and get your clothes on and off without a struggle. 

How to find the right size for your height

What dimensions to get will depend on how many layers you will be wearing and your size. Each manufacturer is going to have its own sizing guide. So be sure to check this carefully before ordering. While wearing it, you need to have enough space to manoeuvre your clothes into the robe and around your body. Longer sleeves can keep you warmer but short sleeves are easier to get your arms in and out. You should get what looks and feels most comfortable to you. 

Type of changing robes

There are long sleeve, short sleeve, poncho, zippered and seam-free changing robes. Most have hoods and various pockets for carrying small items or keeping your hands warm. They can be stored in compression bags when not in use to make them easier to transport. 

The interior and exterior materials will be different depending on the manufacturer. Microfiber or towel-lined waterproof changing robes are designed to absorb water and get you dry faster, while fur-lined ones are not as useful for drying off but can keep you warm while you wait to swim or after you dry off. 

Both may have waterproofed exterior materials, but beach ponchos are usually a single layer of towel fabric. These robes are meant to soak up as much water as possible while you get change. 

Waterproof changing robes are not only for water-related activities. Anywhere you may need to change in public, these robes can make that quick and easy while keeping your dignity intact. Many manufacturers also have sizes for children and young adults, so you can use them if you have children in sports that often leave them covered in mud, so they can change before getting into the car. 

G.ROBE – Adult sizes XL, L, M and S in four colours


G-Robe-The-ultimate-changing-robe-marine-swatch1  Marine Blue

G-Robe-The-ultimate-changing-robe-forest-swatch1  Forest Green

G-Robe-The-ultimate-changing-robe-maroon-swatch1  Maroon Red

G-Robe-The-ultimate-changing-robe-charcoal-swatch1  Charcoal Grey

G.ROBE – Child sizes XS and XXS in four colours


G-Robe-The-ultimate-changing-robe-marine-swatch1  Marine Blue

G-Robe-The-ultimate-changing-robe-forest-swatch1  Forest Green

G-Robe-The-ultimate-changing-robe-maroon-swatch1  Maroon Red

G-Robe-The-ultimate-changing-robe-charcoal-swatch1  Charcoal Grey

Why use waterproof changing robes?

There are many reasons to use a changing robe, but chief among them is the convenience that comes with a hands-free option to help you transition between wet or dirty clothes and clean ones.

It takes less time when you do not have to worry about keeping a towel held up, and there is no one-handed juggle between pulling things on and taking them off. It is all done under the robe, where you have plenty of space to move. It also creates privacy where you may not otherwise have any available. 

There will be no accidental or embarrassing slip-ups where you show off a little too much skin to strangers at the lake. Instead, you get a nice, insulated space that protects you from the elements while you strip and redress. 

Who are they for?

Anyone can use a waterproof changing robe. Most manufacturers have children sizes through extra-large so each family member can get their own robe for when you go to the beach, campsite, or lake. 

Whether you are surfing or kayaking out on the ocean,  paddleboarding, taking part in a triathlon, or training for other sports events, these robes will be useful. 

If you have ever found yourself out in nature wishing you had a convenient place to change out of your soaked clothes, then you already know that a changing robe is something you might need. 

What to consider when buying a waterproof changing robe

Purchasing the right changing robes for you means checking the details such as extra features and dimensions. If you are getting a robe for changing into and out of your wetsuit in the car park you will need a larger robe. To wear a robe as a jacket go for the size that is closest.

For example, a wetsuit requires a little more wiggling to get in and out of. We  have designed the G.ROBE with extra side zips to make it easier to change in and out of.

Are they eco-friendly?

G.ROBE The ultimate changing robe Our G.ROBES use a 100% recycled waterproof outer layer
The outer weatherproof layer of the G.ROBE is made with 100% recycled nylon, approved by the Global Recycle Standard (GRS) and would otherwise be sent to landfill.


This one is pretty easy. If you intend to use your changing robe to dry and change simultaneously, you will want something with microfiber, synthetic lambswool lining made from recycled materials. For anyone who knows they will most likely be out in the wind and rain, a waterproof, windproof outer shell is necessary.


There is a broad price range, and for the most part, you get what you pay for in terms of material quality and use. Affordable robes are great for a quick change and dry off after getting yourself wet during a swim. However these robes may not protect you from the elements or keep you warm for long. 

Expensive robes have weatherproof outer layers, heavier-duty materials meant to last through hundreds of uses with pockets and hoods. Shorter sleeves are less expensive than longer sleeves. Prices average between £85 and £200 for the premium versions. 


This can be one of the more important factors to consider, especially if you intend to be outdoors in colder weather. For anyone living in more temperate climates, this might not be as essential. Always good to keep in mind whether you want something that can function as an insulated, warm changing space. 

Fur and towel-lined robes are the warmest. When in doubt about a specific product, you can check customer reviews to see if they found it as warm as the description made it appear. 

Storage before use

You will want to think about storing the robe so it is nearby when you are ready to use it. The garment’s outer part is often element proof so you could leave it set out. Otherwise, you can store it in a waterproof bag and bring it with you or leave it in a secure location. 

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