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Why is GUARD different?

We are two surf obsessed brothers with over 70 years’ experience using surf products and have been developing and refining our own products for the last decade. Our network of fellow surfers and friends have tested our products all over the globe in different surfing conditions and they are continually improved based on their real life experience.


All GUARD products are highly functional through years of feedback and refinement, ensuring each product gives you value and protection.


G.ROBE The ultimate changing robeWhere ever possible our products use recycled materials and packaging to ensure a sustainable future. The ocean is our playground and we have a responsibility of care for the environment we love.



Rob Dyer

Co-owner of GUARD & Manager of Chainsawbars – Largest online stock of chainsaw chain in the UK.



Pat Dyer

Co-owner of GUARD & Manager of Very Creative People – branding agency.

How the G.NOSE surfboard nose guard originated

It happened so fast. I  fell off my board near the end of a wave and as I hit the water my board hit me near the eye. The injury split the skin behind the eye but could have been so much worse and it made me realise how it could happen anytime and I was taking my safety and others for granted. So we began developing our own surfboard nose guard to protect us and other surfers from injury.


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